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Online Therapy:

30-minute Session Based on FACT

Accessible, Affordable, Actionable

Therapy services are still relatively new to the general public in Singapore. There is an increase in understanding of the needs for mental health and well being at the government and individual levels. The Singapore Government is doing its best to de-stigmatize mental health treatment. Clients including younger clients are more willing to seek out support in recent years.

To meet these needs as well as to introduce therapy services to a wider community, I believe Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) targeted at primary care level is an ideal solution. FACT therapy sessions may be aligned as a part of a Healthier SG health plan for those facing psychological difficulties arising from stress, mood, health issues, aging and pain management.

My plan is to offer 30-minute online therapy based on FACT intervention protocol. While I will continue to practise ACT, I will also be applying FACT therapies to existing and new clients and I would appreciate referrals from General Practitioners (GP) especially for FACT therapy sessions for the advantages I noted below.

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Key Features of this Offering

These 30-minute therapy sessions are:

  • Accessible - Sessions are conducted online. Timely availability of sessions with a minimal wait time is an important goal of this offering.

  • Affordable - $90 fee per session (sliding scale is available for clients facing financial difficulties).

  • Actionable - Each session focuses on developing one or two actions to make life better. Aware that each session may be the last, change process is started now. The aim is to make each session count.

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About Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT)

"FACT is a new model of brief therapy that is a highly condensed version of a well-established, longer-term treatment called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT; Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 1999).

FACT uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies to help clients transform their relationship with unwanted, distressing experiences, such as disturbing thoughts, unpleasant emotions, painful memories or uncomfortable physical symptoms.

FACT teaches clients to observe and accept the presence of these experiences. It also helps clients connect with personal values and engage in committed actions that are consistent with those values.

Instead of focusing on emotional control, FACT helps clients focus on regaining a desired quality of life, focusing energy on what we can control: our immediate behaviour " (Strosahl, Robinson & Gustavsson, 2012).

FACT is a trans-diagnostic approach; it is helpful across a wide range of situations. It alleviates human suffering and increases human vitality by improving three core processes: awareness of the moment, openness to private experience, and engagement in valued activities.

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Acknowledgement and Appreciation

My heartfelt appreciation and thanksgiving to Dr Kirk Strosahl and Dr Patricia Robinson, the developers of FACT, for the generous sharing of their knowledge and experience. 
May all our hearts and minds be awakened.

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